Braylon Edwards gets DUI, who’s surprised?

September 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Reports flooded New York and National news outlets this morning with the arrest of New York Jet wide receiver Braylon Edwards.

This comes less than 48 hours after a big win against the hated New England Patriots at the New Meadowlands Stadium.  Also, after Edwards made a touchdown grab for his first of the year which was also the first Jets touchdown in their new house.  And oh yeah, only a few hours after attending teammate Jericho Cotchery’s charity event.  Way to go, big guy.

The USA today reports that Edwards was pulled over in New York City around 5:15 a.m. and had a BAC of .16, twice the legal limit.  The initial reason to pull him over was because the windows on his Range Rover were too tinted.  If driving a car with an illegal attribute doesn’t scream “Hey!  Pull me over!”, I don’t know what does.  He was arrested and supposedly arraigned sometime Tuesday.  His mug shot looks like they pulled him out of a cave in Afghanistan.  Lovely.

Now, let’s reflect on a few things that are on my mind.

First, he couldn’t have gotten a Taxi?  From my understanding no one even drives in New York City.  Either you take the subway or you take a taxi.  Maybe in Braylon’s mind taxi’s are for peasants like myself.  Braylon don’t ride in no taxi, fool!  Or was it that you didn’t have the money?  You only make millions of dollars a year so I bet you’re feeling this recession, too.  Edwards probably had enough money in his wallet to have sometime take him home, bathe him and put him to sleep.  Ridiculous.

Second, does this seem familiar to anyone in New York?  Star receiver?  Legal troubles?  Although he didn’t shoot himself in the leg and go to prison for illegally possessing a firearm, he could be in bigger legal trouble than expected.  Edwards was arrested last October for having beef with one of Lebron James’ homeboys and punching him in the face.  So what does that mean?  It means he is still on probation.  He plead no contest and received a suspended 180-day jail sentence.  If alcohol has anything to do with his probation contract, move over Plax!  We’re bunk buddies!

Finally, I guess he didn’t think about how Mark Sanchez needs him.  He is still a young quarterback who needs athletic recievers to help him make plays.  Jericho Cotchery will be the main man in New York if Edwards can’t go on Sunday when the Jets travel south to Miami.  No offense to Cotchery, but he’s no elite number one receiver.  With Darrelle Revis out because of a hamstring injury, the Jets are now less of a threat no both sides of the ball.

And to think I had grabbed a sleeper in the 10th round of my fantasy draft, especially after this weekend.  Better put him on the trade block before anyone reads this.


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