Surprised at the Brett Favre Scandal? Don’t be!

October 13, 2010 § 5 Comments

Take down that poster, hunny.  I don’t want our son idolizing that man.

I’m sure in plenty of homes around the United States people are having a similar conversation.  How could he do this?  What about his wife?  What a slime ball!

Brett Favre and Jenn Sterger.

If you don’t know already, Brett Favre of the Minnesota Vikings is being investigated by the NFL for alleged sexual harassment.  The incidents come from 2008 when Favre played one season for the New York Jets.  The accuser is former New York Jets “Gameday Host” Jenn Sterger.  AKA “Florida State Cowgirl“, AKA “Tits McGhee“.

First of all, let’s not jump the gun here.  He has not been charged with anything just yet even though it seems as if he will be in the near future.

Before you go ripping down your Brett Favre posters or your Jenn Sterger posters (if these exist) and placing them in the trash along side the shredded Tiger Woods cut-out, we should all realize a couple of things.

Money.  Power.  Fame.  What else is new?

Let’s start with Jenn Sterger.  You can’t blame a woman for using what God gave her to pursue a career in television.  Like 2 Live Crew once said, “Shake it, don’t break it, it took yo mama nine months to make it.”

Even if she did use her fake boobs to get in the national television spotlight in her time at Florida State and eventually a job with the New York Jets, she obviously was talented enough to become a sideline reporter and not sound like an idiot.  Although she admitted to getting her breast implants removed after they had “done their job”, let’s get past that.

No matter what she’s done in her past or how she got to where she is, let’s get one thing straight.  No woman DESERVES to be harassed continuously or at all, no matter how much they put themselves out there.

My main concern is why now?  Why not in 2008 when Favre was allegedly harassing her?  She says it’s because she was afraid of losing her job with the Jets.  Reasonable.  But if you are going to keep it quiet then, keep it quiet now.  She obviously had planned on ratting out Favre eventually because she kept voicemails and “sexts” from Favre which Deadspin has recently released.

According to Deadspin’s reports, she continuously turned down Favre’s advances although he stayed persistent.  And as much as we all hate to say it, that is his him in the voicemail.  As for the wee wee pictures, we can’t exactly do a lineup identification for that.

My thought was that Sterger had this planned the entire time.  If her name started to fade out of the spotlight or her career start to diminish, this sure as heck could bring it back to life.

And it has.  Just google her name.

Personally, I think it’s if she would have made these claims when they happened she would probably be getting a lot less hate mail right now.  And nothing but thanks from Vikings fans who back then would have loved to see Favre go down in flames.  I can see if she is being harassed and wants it to stop to report it, but two years after it has stopped?  C’mon man!

And just like our boy T-Woods, don’t be surprised if more women just “happen” to speak up.

When it comes to Favre, don’t act surprised.  Did we not learn enough from Tiger Woods?  No man, no matter how angelic they may seem, is perfect when they have that much power.  Beautiful woman throwing themselves at you constantly for 20 years can’t be the easiest thing to avoid.

Should he have sent her picture texts with his ying yang in hand?  No.  Should he have been calling her trying to get her to come to his hotel or at all?  No.  But when the cat is away the mice will play.  Especially in different cities like these athletes are constantly visiting.

Brett Favre is a man.  A human.  And temptation is a funny thing when it comes to woman like Jenn Sterger.  It seems to me that out of all the women who Brett Favre has turned down in his life, this one was turning him down and Brett no likey.  Maybe that’s what urged him to stay persistent in try to woo her into his arms, the almighty Brett Favre always gets picked (pun intended)!

I’ve been to college at a major university and I’ve seen the attention college athletes get from girls.  They can stand in one place all night, have girls swarm them and pick them out like a baby fresh pair of Nike’s.  That’s the way it is but hey, they’re studs.  And for the most part they’re not married.  And these kids aren’t being payed millions of dollars like professional athletes.  That can only take it to a whole new level.

But that temptation is what got Favre into the position he is in right now.  Do the crime you’ve got to pay the price.  But don’t act surprised.  If you didn’t learn it from Kobe Bryant or Tiger Woods, you sure will from Brett Favre.    Will this hurt him outside of football?  Who knows if this will tarnish his career both on and off the field (I have to throw this clip in here somewhere!).

I’ll tell you something I do know: he should admit it RIGHT NOW.  He should admit everything he did to the media as soon as possible.  Here’s an example:  Ask any ordinary person who did steroids, Andy Pettitte or Roger Clemens?  The majority will say Clemens because he kept quiet and let suspision build.  Pettitte admitted it right away and now he’s pitching in the ALCS without a mention of ‘roids.

Tiger Woods kept quite for months.  What happened?  People started talking, investigating and pretty soon more women stepped forward.  Like Jonah Hill says in SuperBad, people don’t forget.  If Brett Favre admitted everything today, in two to three weeks Sports Center won’t give 10 minutes of air time towards his actions as opposed to hours he’s getting right now.

If he get’s charged with harassment, that’s a different story.  He can’t deny the evidence that he did call Jenn Sterger and send her texts.

And if any other athletes fall in the next day, month or year, do me one favor.  Don’t act surprised.

Nothing is as it seems when it comes to money, power and fame.  But I’d still take it.


§ 5 Responses to Surprised at the Brett Favre Scandal? Don’t be!

  • Austin Tschudy says:

    Cowboy- you have a typo man. Third paragraph down- should read ‘The accuser is..’ not ‘The accuser if…’. Just trying to look out for you man. Good luck in fantasy this week! HA!

  • Scott Pelan says:

    … at least he didn’t send the pics to Holly Rowe.

  • Clark Stinson says:

    This chick is just trying to get media attention. Not cooperating with the investigation, waiting a year to come out with it and of course right before jets-vikings monday night game. I’m surprised the Jets organization hasn’t gotten in more trouble for this one with their incident earlier this year.

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  • Chris Ross says:

    Nice article, really enjoyed the read! Minnesota had a big win on Sunday against the Cowboys, that could end up being possibly the biggest of their season if they go on to do something big. I think it really shows how great a player Favre really is to overcome all the adversity (sexting, elbow, big hits) to be able to come out with a win. He wasn’t spectacular, but it was still a lot of fun to watch and I guess that’s why we put up with Favre. It’s going to be an interesting season for the Minnesota Vikings and I’m sure the NFL is loving the ratings he is giving them. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I really wanna hear what you have to say.

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