Two Cents From a Nuisance

October 26, 2010 § 4 Comments

Long weekend.  Let’s see what made headlines over the weekend.

You're gonna listen to this guy's two cents? Damn skippy, Kippy!

HEADLINE: Derek Dooley compares his Tennessee Volunteers to Nazis

Call me crazy, but I think the last thing you want to do is compare a bunch of 19 year-old kids to Nazis.  Especially when your historical powerhouse is 2-5 with wins coming from Tennessee-Martin and UAB.  Being a huge WW2 history buff, I understand the point he was trying to make here.  They were unprepared on Saturday like the Nazis were unprepared on D-Day.  Here’s a fun fact: Hitler didn’t know about the invasion until hours after it happened because he was sleeping and it was forbidden to wake him up.  What a diva!  But how can you not realize that anytime you try to compare anything to Nazis, even if you refer to them as Germans, people are going to take it the wrong way?  So are you trying to say that Lane Kiffin was like Hitler and your team is now post-war Germany?  If you ask me to compare Tennessee to Nazi Germany based on their season I’d put them at, oh, January 1945?  In other words, it’s all over but the crying.  And war reparations.

HEADLINE: Texas Rangers and San Francisco Giants in the World Series

The Cowboys may be on their way out depending on tonight’s MNF results, but don’t count out those Texas Rangers.  At least we have one team that can make us proud, right?  It reminds me of when the Mavs were in the NBA finals in 2006.  Even if you’re not a Rangers/baseball fan, everyone watches the games all the way through and the city is alive.  I said at the beginning of playoffs that Rangers/Giants would be a great World Series because both of these teams are exciting to watch.  The Rangers have the hot bats and the Giants have some stellar pitching.  Is it bad that I kind of hope we lose a game so my tickets to Game 5 aren’t as useless as Cowboy tickets?

HEADLINE: Weather man predicts some afternoon showers with a chance of penis.

Gettin’ some steam here, huh?  Poor Mexico.

HEADLINE: Brett Favre admits to leaving voicemail’s, denies sexting

Brett Favre met with investigators this past week and it has been reported that he has admitted to leaving Jenn Sterger voicemails but has denied sending any dirty pictures.  It’s kind of sad to see old balls go down in flames like this.  Not only are his off-field actions destroying his public image of being an American football hero, but his actions on the field are destroying that image as well.  I’m sure it was a great homecoming to Lambaeu Field last night when the entire crowd booed him.  And why wouldn’t they?  I grew up with Troy Aikman posters on my wall, but if he would have retired and then came back to join the Eagles I would have burned those posters in similar fashion to Lebron’s Cleveland Cavalier jerseys.  He looked like an injured old fart, but I guess that’s what he is.  He throws incredibly dumb passes when under pressure and struggles to move in the pocket anymore.  Favre has already thrown more interceptions than he did all of last year and the Vikings (2-4) have already matched their loss total from a year ago.  Not looking too good up north right now.

HEADLINE: Lebron and Nike strike back at critics

Honestly, I had always thought he was going to stay in Cleveland.  It just made sense.  It was his home and he was probably one of the best things to ever happen to that city.  I was pretty surprised when he made his decision to go to the Miami Heat but he had to have known what was going to come with his announcement.  First of all, the hour long special was what pissed everyone off.  Completely unnecessary.  But seeing as it hasn’t really had an effect on my perception of him, I think this commercial is necessary.  Was it great?  No.  And he will catch major heat (hehe) for it.  But at least he isn’t still trying to sway Cleveland fans into not hating him so much.  I’m just still curious to see if that much talent on one team can be spread around evenly.

HEADLINE: Iowa State embarrasses Texas

I think there is only one thing to really point out here.  Iowa State gave up 120 points in their previous two games before Texas.  That’s more than KU allowed in their two previous games (114).

Get this kid a wamburger and some french cries.

We all know that Texas isn’t great this year but for Longhorn fans this is disturbing.  While Iowa State is a better team than they have been in the past, to win in such fashion on the road is pretty amazing.  As much as I love to see Texas lose, I’m not a huge fan of the Big 12 looking like garbage.  And nothing is better than pausing the Texas game to take a picture of this crying Cowboy.  And you know what?  Someone goes, “Hey, take a picture of that guy and put it on your blog.”  Always enjoy requests.  And making fun of John Wayne here.  Think he prefers the Texas Two Step or Teach me how to Dougie?


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