What happened to the Dallas Cowboys?

October 27, 2010 § 1 Comment

The Dallas Cowboys will not be the first team to play in a Super Bowl in their home town.  I finally admit it.

But what went wrong?  How did a team with so much “talent” turn into one of the worst teams in the league through week 8?

An injured Tony Romo watches from the sideline. The Cowboys lost to the New York Giants 41-35.

Multiple Pro Bowl athletes, franchise record breaking quarterback, a three-headed monster of a running back core from a year ago, little Moe with the gimpy leg, Cheeks, Boney Bob, Cliff!  I could go on forever, baby(anyone?)!

I’ll tell you where it starts and where most of us noticed a big problem in the preseason.  O-Line.

When I heard that Jerry Jones had let go of Flozell Adams, I didn’t think it would have as much of an impact as it did.  I was actually happy to think we might have a few less penalties than last year.  What a joke.  I can only imagine that Jerry is kicking himself for thinking Flozell was getting too old.  He’s looking pretty good in Pittsburgh.

The great thing about the Dallas Cowboys offensive line last year was that the same 5 had been together for multiple seasons.  Heading into Monday night against the Giants there had already been three different combinations of offensive lineman on the year.  Since the first preseason game they haven’t looked in sync and it hasn’t gotten much better.

Take Alex Barron for example.  Flozell Adams was the second most penalized player in the league over the past 5 seasons.  Who was first?  Alex Barron.  And it cost the Cowboys their opening game.  Add injuries and the inexperience at left tackle for Doug Free and you have yourself a very shaky offensive front.

I guess that explains why the “three-headed monster” (Barber, Jones, Choice) of running backs is currently 30th in the league in team rushing statistics.  Last year the Dallas Cowboys were 7th.  For some reason Marion Barber looks smaller these days.  He used to be Mr. Truck Stick and now he’s lucky to bust one open for 12 yards.  It could also be the fact that the Cowboys have to resort to passing because they find themselves down early in games.

And where is the emotion from Wade Phillips?  I know that’s not his style but maybe it should be.  As for celebration in the endzone, pulling a Mark Mangino may not always be a bad thing at times.  I GUARANTEE that guy never showboated again.  If a player commits a costly penalty or error, he should catch an earful and be cautious not to do it again.  He should even be a little bit scared.  Too many penalties for the Cowboys have been repeated.

As for the defense, they are currently 10th in overall defense.  But 27 points to the Bears, 34 to the Titans and 41 to the Giants is hard to recover from as an offense.  New York put the dominant Cowboy defensive line in a full nelson and was able to keep them away from Eli Manning who threw 4 touchdowns.

Despite some interceptions which led to short field opportunities for opposing teams, there was really nothing to complain about from the Cowboys passing attack.  It was actually starting to look pretty good with Roy Williams getting more balls his way and Dez Bryant catching his first touchdown against Minnesota.  But a missed block by the fullback ended all of that and all of Dallas knew it.  A broken collarbone put the dog (Dallas fans) out of its misery.

At 1-5 and a healthy Tony Romo, there would have been a single ray a light to salvage the season.  But with Jon Kitna under center and no room for error I think it’s safe to say the season is done.  Maybe he’ll be a little better to watch than Brad Johnson was a couple of years back.  Barf.  In a wacky NFL season where the Cowboys and Vikings suck and the Chiefs and Bucs are both 4-2, I guess anything is up for grabs.


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  • Husky #3 says:

    Hey, theres a shoutout for the Chiefs, even if it was a slight. At least you finally admit the Cowboys suck. I would like to see a kippy pick the amount of wins the he thinks the boys will end up with.

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