Two Cents From a Nuisance

December 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Haven’t blogged in a while, so while I sit at work with nothing to do I figure I’ll spit some hot bars on what’s making the latest headlines.

HEADLINE:  Cliff Lee chooses Philadelphia, signs for $120 million

Rangers fans who have recently updated there Facebook statuses to let their friends know how angry that are at Cliff Lee should really shut up.  I don’t think those people understand the two most important things he did for the Texas Rangers.  One, he gave us the opportunity to make the World Series.  I won’t say he took us to the World Series because the whole team played well throughout the postseason, even “tons of fun” Bengie Molina.  Without Cliff Lee, the Rangers still win the AL West and make it to the playoffs.  He did help the Rangers win the pennant and take the Rangers to their first World Series.  I was able to go to Game 6 and watch him pitch against Tim Lincecum.  That’s something that I’ll remember for the rest of my life and something I thought I would never witness.  Also, Cliff Lee gave the New York Yankees an old fashioned mushroom stamp by turning down their offers.  If you want a player to sign with your organization, don’t spit on his wife and throw things at her.  Yous guys!  So just remember when you act all mad and pouty that he gave us a good run and gained the Rangers organization a lot of money.

HEADLINE:  Josh Selby plays for KU this weekend

He’s going to be incredible.  Just read the article I wrote this morning and check out this video.

HEADLINE:  Michael Vick wants a dog

Philadelphia Fecal Michael Vick said that he would love to have a dog in the future.  Now even though I despise the Eagles and dislike Vick because he plays for them, the guy has payed for his sins.  You have to give credit to him for serving his time and returning to the NFL to play better than when he was slaying pooches.  Should he get a dog?  If he does, keep it quiet or you’ll have those PETA hippies protesting his existence again.  Ok I can’t help it, I have to state the obvious.  It’d kind of be like hiring a pedophile to babysit your kids.  But he’s changed, right?

HEADLINE: Jets suspend Sal Alosi indefinitely for tripping player, forming wall

What a douche bag.  If you haven’t seen this, Alosi is the strength and conditioning coach for the New York Jets.  On Sunday against the Dolphins he deliberately tripped Miami Dolphin Nolan Carroll as he was running downfield to cover a punt.

He also ordered a wall along the sideline every punt.  What the hell was this guy thinking?  Luckily Carroll isn’t too badly hurt after taking several minutes to walk off the field.  This is a prime example of a guy who thinks he is the man for no good reason.  Above all he’s an idiot for not thinking a camera would be following almost every player on the field.  Just looking at his pouty face trying to apologize makes me angry.  The media dislikes the Jets to begin with so his “great idea” makes the organization look even dumber.  So what did they do?  Suspended him.  Not fired, suspended.  If they want this all to go away, fire this idiot and move on with it.

That’s all I have for today but I’ll try and keep up blogging when I have time.

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