Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Helping Kip Find A New Job in KC

June 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Before I start this list, let it be known that I am currently employed but I am really anxious to find a new career where I can be around more people and socialize.  Most of you know me and know my humor, so this list shouldn’t come as a shock.

As much as I love writing jokes (which would be a great career), I’m trying to get a new job before I move to a place with higher rent.  If you know of any open opportunities or have any people you could refer me to, I would greatly appreciate it.  Enjoy.


10.  I’m incredibly tall.

9.  I’ve considered standing on the edge of Emmanuel’s Cleavage (as I like to call it) with this blog post as my “Homeless” sign.  And then return to my home, like every other panhandler by the Plaza.

8.  The brick wall surrounding our front lawn just collapsed (see picture).  One strong wind and the house goes next.  That’s what happens when you live in a house built when the third class passengers on the Titanic were still chillin’ (1905, no pun intended).  Also, I wouldn’t consider my place of sleep a room.  More like a nest.  Typical conversation, roommate: “Hey Kip, are you going to take a nap? ” Me: “No, I’m going to nest.  Do I smell cheese?”

7.  I have experience writing, editing and meeting deadlines for major sports outlets such as FOX Sports.  Great experience with a great company.  Feel free to check out some under “Nationally Published Articles.”  Also, I have experience with social media as I help contribute to the Strange Music blogs and help promote Strange Music albums.

6.  I do some decent impressions, none better than Creed and Nickelback.  Ask the large African-American bouncer at Granfalloon or the girls at Whataburger two weeks ago.  Or just anyone I’ve come in contact with when surrounded by my friends. Also, my first name brings a crap ton of fun nicknames of which you have the freedom of choosing your favorite.

5.  My criminal record is a piece of paper with my name on it.  Blank.  Although my lack of street cred could be a contributing factor to delays in my quest for new employment.

4.  Social skills are present.  Not too many people I can’t talk to and have experience in sales.  In that field, you have to be able to talk to strangers like they are your best friend.

3.  I can quote movies like a champ.  Try me.  I also wrote this point listening to Shaggy.

2.  I have an education, bachelors in journalism from the University of Kansas.  Actually, let’s just say I have a degree and leave it at that.  Hard worker who doesn’t take jobs for granted.  Come and in early and stay late.  Cue Al Pacino’s speech from “Any Given Sunday.”

1.  You won’t have to worry about recommending me and it turning into a mistake.  Can pick up new skills on the run and use them effectively.  I’d like to think I’m enjoyable to be around and would really prefer not going back to bussing tables.  But hey, we can’t all have what we want, right?

Holler, holla, or just find some way to communicate with me if you’d like to help.  Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook or email me at  Thanks for reading, I hope if nothing else it gave you a chuckle at my expense.


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