Devin Holland Lays Wood to Danny Woodhead’s Head… What? [Video]

August 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Usually laying wood has an alternate meaning but I thought I could use it cleverly in the title.  Simply put, Patriot’s wide receiver Danny Woodhead gets his bell rung.  Hard.

The NFL dealt with multiple issues such as this last season and took drastic measures to fix the helmet-to-helmet contact.  But as we all know, no matter how many rules are changed and fines are dished out, it’s going to happen.  The game of football is physical and grown men running full speed can’t exactly control themselves at all times.

I agree it was helmet-to-helmet, but Woodhead is a tiny guy (for NFL standards).  It would be extremely difficult for a taller and bigger defensive back, who is running with a clean angle, to get so low as to not make contact with Woodhead’s head.  Anyways, check out the video.

I’m glad the guy isn’t too injured and I think a fine would be justified, just not one above about 10K.  Especially if Devin Hollan (no idea who he is) is a player with a small contract.

One tough little guy, Danny Woodhead.  What do you think about it?

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